Our mission

Democratize your data: if all employees make decisions, let everyone know how to process data and exploit artificial intelligence models.
Collaborate: we can offer you tailored training, indoor projects, digital transformation, all accompanied by team coaching sessions to promote change management.

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how do we do it

How do we do it?

1.-We carry out a global consultancy to find out the state of maturity of your data and technology strategy.
2.- We look for a project that can generate immediate return, starting with a proof of concept.
3.-We jointly define a plan and iterate in sprints (we love Agile!) delivering value in each iteration.
4.-Each plan includes a parallel training plan for your teams, we want your team to be ready to take control when the goal is reached!.


what are our strengths?

<> Data & AI strategy design/implementation
<> Couching to boost your Digital Transformation assets
<> Big Data & Business Intelligence
<> Machine Learning & Deep Learning
<> Top 3 Cloud architecting based on WAFs
<> Programming backend and frontend good stuffs
<> Low Code, Ux/UI, Agile, DevSecOps,IaC,...
<> IoT and Blockchain

 who we are

Who we are?

<> The team: We have more than 10 years of experience in multidisciplinary projects both in innovation and implementation.

<> Our values are: humility, transparency, hard work, commitment. We believe that the best lever for transformation of an organisation is its own employees and we focus on helping them to change.

<> With feet on the ground:we know life is not always wonderfull so our strategy is always based on agilism, team collaboration and opensource!

Contact us

We would like to hear from you: info@layermd.com We are in Madrid!